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Glass bottle recycling.

At Hill & Coulter. Not only do we provide delicious fresh juice, but we go one step further by recycling and reusing the glass portion. We thoroughly brush clean our bottles, then using a food grade sterilising solution we soak overnight, rinse with fresh water and then use the bottle again. We have had more than 2500 bottles returned since we opened.

Loyalty System

Food waste.

We never want any produce going to waste.

1. Fruit juice pulp and leafy greens are collected and taken to local growers for composting. We have reduced our fresh food waste by up to 80% since opening in 2018. One of the ways in which we reduce is because we do not store large amounts of produce in stock rooms. We have 6 deliveries a week and this allows us to maintain stock freshness and reduce unwanted waste food, because we don't have stock waiting to be used, we rarely have an abundance of wastage.

3. Any slightly tarnished vegetables can be used for stock, purees and compotes.

4. Donation. We donate our unused product to a selection of local charities. These include Littlegate farm, Snowflake Night Shelter and the Childrens 'Make food' classes operating at the stade.

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Eco packaging.

We always have and will continue to strive to provide the most convenient and green packaging.

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