Our Ethos-

FRESH-We always want our products in prime condition, we only hold limited stock and with deliveries six days a week, we sell what we have and never have produce sitting in storage, what you see, is what's available.

MINIMAL WASTE-We are constantly finding ways to cut back on any type of waste. We always aim to prevent and catch waste out, before it catches us. Here are a few of the practices and buying patterns we have in place in order to minimise our wastage.

Vegetable peelings and non-edible produce waste are collected 3 times weekly to a local produce grower where it is then turned into compost and helps to make more food.

Edible food wastage is often low as we tend to use everything the day it arrives in store. There are however occasions where a parsnip may look wrinkled or a pear slightly bruised; in that case we simply peel it and slow cook it in our stew. It's still edible and we believe it should certainly not be wasted. In the possibility of a large amount of food wastage, caused either by human error or weather conditions, we will donate the produce to a charitable cause.

Cardboard and other paper products are collected either daily by our suppliers and then re-used, or they are collected for recycling weekly.

VARIATION-We love having a variety of things to browse here at HILL&COULTER. It’s something that will never change, we don't believe in ‘industry norms’ we believe its good to be different and to change the rules. You can walk into our store and purchase a fresh lemon, or you can come into our store and purchase a bacon scented candle. Variation is good!

ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING-When it comes to packaging, we strive to have ECO-friendly materials. Here are the following packaging items we use in the shop.

Carrier Bags-All of our carriers in store are made from recycled paper and other renewable sources which makes them biodegradable and compostable.

Hot Food-All of our pots are made from Sugarcane bagasse and all of our hot food options are served with wooden cutlery.

Glass Juice Bottles-We serve all of our fresh juices in glass bottles, with our juice incentive scheme, you are invited to bring your clean empty glass bottle back into store in return for a stamp. Once you have collected 6 stamps you can select any free drink.We sterilise and re-use the glass portion of the bottle and use a new gold cap for each juice. The scheme has been incredibly successful so far and we have re-used more than 1100 bottles since opening in March 2018.

Dried Food Products - We currently stock a small collection of dried herbs, nuts, cereals and more. Our supplier for the H&C. stock are committed to being PP Plastic free by December 2018. Half of our stock is already packed in cellulose and is therefore biodegradable. This is incredibly exciting for us, as with 2019 just around the corner, we will have a completely biodegradable packaging for all of our dry products and confectionery, with increasing pressure from the public, the industry is changing, and we could not be more excited.

Postal packaging - All of our postal boxes and gift boxes are supplied from environmental sources.

52 High Street, Hastings.

Nestled in the heart of the Hastings Old town, you will find a fresh produce store. Situated in a historic and eclectic mix of buildings and food business’s; Hill and Coulter is a modern take on the British produce shop. We have a varied stock of local, organic, exotic and tasty; class one fruits and vegetables. We never have industry ‘seconds’ and with more than 15 local suppliers ranging from small to large, we always find the best stock for our customers. Ever bought a raspberry from your ‘local’ that was picked only hours before? We try our best!

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Meet one of our suppliers-

Stonelynk Organics.

Hélène and Stephen moved to East Sussex in early 2018 to establish Stonelynk Organics. They are inspired by the many brilliant small-scale growers across the country providing their local neighbours with their vegetable needs. Having spent a few years under the apprenticeship of the Cross family at Gold Hill Organic Farm in Dorset, they chose to fly the nest and set up their own garden. They love chatting with passers-by, singing in harmony, and experimenting with fermentation! We stock a large variety of the Stoneylnck produce and one of our customer favourites is their superbly tasty organic mixed salad leaves.

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