Meet your supplier-

Pea Pod Veg

Meet Abby & Thad. They do all the growing, sowing, weeding, hoeing, picking, packing and delivering. They passed their SOIL ASSOCIATION inspection in June 2018. We stock Pea Pod from March-September. Be sure to check put their wares in store.

Keeping it SMALL SCALE and LOCAL means we can supply veg how it’s meant to be: SEASONAL, FRESH and NUTRITIOUS and grown by people you know.

We are members of the LANDWORKERS ALLIANCE who are part of the incredible LA VIA CAMPESINA. We believe in FOOD SOVEREIGNITY and AGROECOLOGY. Word!

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What we stock in store

(Season depending)

Organic rainbow chard

Organic spinach

Organic lettuce

Organic radish

Organic mixed salad bags

Organic tomato

Organic kohl rabi

Organic courgettes

Organic basil

Organic parsley

Organic sungold tomato

The produce arrives first thing in the morning after being harvested. Super fresh.

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